Crafting Tomorrow’s Technology Solutions Today

Angel investor, mentor, team and board member services offered to Impact startups in your early startup phases.

After having build three companies that still exist today, and sold one of them to our competitor during the first 10 years of my career, I have worked to support other founders in their startup journey mixed with a corporate career. If you need a co-pilot during the early days of your trip, need a mentor, a board or team member to build your business case or organization, trust that I have something to offer you!

Marianna Lubanski


Startup or SME?

Our services can involve building a value proposition, identifying your market and product/market fit, initiate a potential technology pilot test, identify your first customer or partner. SMEs with a new product line, a new ambition or when entering a new market, can benefit from our services too.

Business Strategy

When you build a company millions of questions arise every day and many will try to offer advice which points in all directions. Get help to formulate your business strategy for a clear vision and the courage to follow a flexible path to adapt to reality with a mentor or two.


A company is not better than its people! Who to hire first? How do you find staff or co-founders? How do you finance your organizational growth? Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong people and waste time and money in the proces. Get us onboard pro bono or for equity and add years of experience to your team asap.